Ad Dynamics is Market Track, LLC’s Canadian division, and is the leading provider of market intelligence solutions based on comprehensive analysis of the advertising and promotional landscape in Canada. As a research-based thought leader whose reputation for client focus is recognized industry-wide, our business model is founded on strong client engagement backed by effective advertising market coverage, and insights driven by data.

Today, more than 850 retailers, manufacturers, and agencies rely on Market Track for timely market intelligence that:

  • Improves decisions, resulting in better business performance
  • Covers media sources for every key advertising channel influencing the shopper
  • Provides data structure and tools that integrate multiple data sources
  • Utilizes high-performance account teams focused on your unique business challenges

Market intelligence and insight into the competitive advertising landscape is our sole business.  Solving business issues with insight derived from high-level ad tracking and analytics, Ad Dynamics supports clients throughout the entire advertising and promotional planning lifecycle. From planning to pricing and post-event analysis, we help companies swiftly resolve their top business issues and meet their goals.

Net, Net: Comprehensive, accurate and timely advertising data delivered through an easy to use SaaS application and supported by a world-class, committed support team!


To learn more, call Ad Dynamics today at 800-235-3781 or click here.