With access to messaging impacting shoppers across key media types from over 2,000 retailers and more than 200 U.S. and Canadian markets, Ad Dynamics has unparalleled insight into the advertising landscape. Leveraging this comprehensive market information, we produce research reports that give visibility into macro-trends across key events and holidays.

We strive to improve and increase value to our clients. By offering coverage of key event periods and holidays, we bring into focus to the meaningful insights impacting results across the industry. Some of the formats for our research include:

  • AD360 Reports: Find out what happened immediately following an event—from a 360 degree view of the landscape
  • Perspectives: Gain insight through our Shopper Survey Series and post event analysis
  • Dimensions: Planning for upcoming events is made easy through deep analysis and insights in advance of key events
  • Best Practice Reports: Get answers to your most pressing business questions
  • Trend Reports: Discover what is happening across the industry and top trends to watch
  • Webinars: Get a deeper look at issues and tactics driving results within the industry

For more information or interest in Ad Dynamics content, reach out to insights@addynamics.com.