At Ad Dynamics, we are leaders in promotional marketplace intelligence and have served the retail industry for more than 20 years. We provide clients detailed insights and tools to help evaluate the impact of the frequency, timing and types of promotions, price perceptions, actual prices, quality of the promotion and categories that are increasing store traffic and sales. We help our clients understand the entire competitive landscape by evaluating the influence of parallel promotions, such as online advertising, targeted digital promotions, Free Standing Inserts (FSIs), online coupons and social media.

Our retail clients engage with us on many levels. For some, we work with the circular development team to provide efficiencies in collecting and organizing a digital library of promotional ads. For others, we are a trusted advisor working closely with marketing to help monitor changes in competitor’s new market initiatives. And yet at others, we work with merchandising to track market-wide pricing which enables better buying, pricing and promotional decisions. Whatever their specific set of issues, our clients rely on our mutual engagement plan to ensure that our resources are aligned against their business challenges and opportunities.

As thought leaders in the analysis of retail promotions and pricing, armed with an enormous database of marketplace intelligence, we are able to scrutinize cross-sections of advertising and promotions data to find trends and patterns that help retailers better understand consumers, competitors and the impact of their marketing strategies.

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